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Abhinayadarpana : The Galaxy of Indian Dance and Dramaturgy
Authorship Description
Dr. Sayanika Goswami.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 178 p. ills. (col.). 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Delhi, Pratibha Prakashan.
ISBN-10 8177024205
ISBN-13 9788177024203, 978-8177024203
Year of Publication 2018.
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Abhinayadarpana : The Galaxy of Indian Dance and Dramaturgy

"The book `Abhinayadarpana: The Galaxy of Indian Dance and Dramaturgy' gives a detailed insight into the practical and scientific explanation of Bharatiya Natya Parampara based on `Abhinayadarpana' of Nandikesvara which vividly explained the `amgika abhinaya'. An overview-has been given even prior to `Natyasastra' which includes the mythological god and goddesses and their influence on abhinaya. It includes the grammatical use of abhinaya and four divisions of abhinaya. A comparative study has been prepared to distinguish between `natya nrtta' and `nrtya' with a systematic explanation of similarities and dissimilarities amongst them.

A comperative study has been prepared on the gestures of Abhinayadarpana and Natyasastra.

The most interesting part of the book is it explains in detail how the hand gestures of `Abhinayadarpana' has been used in other Indian classical dances and this interpretation has been done with proper pictorial representation. This book reflects Indian cultural unity in diversity as many gestures and postures found in this classical dances are inspired by `Abhinayadarpana' and it is an author's attempt to highlight that cultural unity."                                                                                            [from Blurb]



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List of Illustrations

1. Introduction

2. Natya, Nrtta and Nrtya

3. Influence of the Natyasastra on the Abhinayadarpana

4. Influence of the Abhinayadarpana in Indian Classical Dances




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Abhinayadarpana : The Galaxy of Indian Dance and Dramaturgy / Dr. Sayanika Goswami. 1st ed. Delhi, Pratibha Prakashan. (KK-139786)

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